How can I get a Sick Note or Doctor’s Note?

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What you need to know about Sick Note or Doctor’s Note

Employers have the right to ask for a Sick Note or Doctor’s Note from the physician when an employee takes time off for sickness. Telemedicine can be a good way to accomplish getting a Sick Note or Doctor’s Note. Many times the employer will require this when the employee is off work for 3 consecutive days. If you are off work for an extended consecutive period, like 7 days or more in a row, then you may need a fitness note to go back to work. A fitness for work note is more complex and depending on the duties of job might require a more extensive examination.

How do I know if I need a Sick Note?

Generally, most people do not like to go to Doctors, so telemedicine can be a good way to accomplish getting a Sick Note. Be careful not to get such a note unless you are required to. It can be considered a legal document and your employer might have policies about how many time you can be out sick in a given period. Sometimes being out for one day does not count against you and you may not need a sick note.

When should I get a Doctor’s Note?

You should get a doctor’s note when you have a condition or appointment that will interfere with your ability to attend work or school normally and when it is required to have one.

This may include:

  • Illness (common illnesses: Flu, Cold, Diarrhea, Pink Eye, Cough)
  • Injury
  • Extended absence

Doctor’s Note For Contagious Illness

If you are contagious, you should protect the health of your coworkers and customers by not going to work. Staying home helps prevent the spread of an illness. You are more productive and efficient in your job when you are not suffering from an illness or injury. Getting a doctor’s note for missing work will help maintain the health and well-being of yourself and your co-workers.

Will I be billed for a Sick Note or Doctor’s Note?

Quite often the billing of a Doctor’s Note or Sick Note is part of the visit for your illness.  However, if you have not yet been seen for this illness, then you will need to have a visit and that results in a standard visit charge.  If you are following up for a recent Urgent Care, Emergency Room visits or hospital stay then if is not uncommon to include a Doctor’s Note or Sick Note as a part of the visit.

A doctor’s note needs to include the following information:

  • The date when you had your doctor’s appointment
  • The medical reason why you had to miss work
  • If any time of absence from work is required


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