What can I do about my Asthma?

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What you can do about your Asthma.

Asthma is a disease of your lungs that can cause wheezing.  Asthma can be controlled by taking medicine and telemedicine can play an important role in assisting asthma patients in the time of need. You must also remove the triggers in your environment that can make your asthma worse.

What are the symptoms of a asthma attack?

Symptoms may include:

  • Repeat episodes of wheezing
  • Shortness of air or feeling of breathlessness
  • Chest tightness
  • Night time cough
  • Early morning cough
  • repeat bouts can lead to anxiety

What can I do to get treated or for prevention of asthma?

Asthma occurs in repeated bouts and this is a hallmark of the condition. Repeat episodes of wheezing, shortness of air, chest tightness, and nighttime or early morning coughing are common. Many patients report that it feels the same as it did the last time that it occurred. Repeated bouts of asthma can be related to seasonal allergy or some environmental factors (dust storm, smoke) . These flare up are help by using inhalers such as Ventolin or albuterol. Typically, there is no cure for asthma, but you can effectively treat and manage the condition with medication and self-management strategies. You can be seen remotely by telemedicine when you have an asthma attack provided you are not so short of breath that you need emergency care.  Often you inhaler can be refilled and provide you with the relief you are seeking.

How should I treat my Asthma?

Doctors agree that the treatment for asthma flares consists of bronchodilators that are found in inhalers (like Ventolin or albuterol) and sometimes other medications. Often this can be accomplished by a telemedicine visit. Treatment with medications, avoidance of triggers, diet, lifestyle change are as important and is recommended to reduce the number of flares or asthma attacks.



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