What can I do about my Tick Bite?

by | Ask The Intern

What you can do about your tick bite

Ticks are known to carry certain diseases and recent tick bites (<72 hour) can be treated to help prevent some of these diseases.  The treatment should be prompt and before you have gotten sick from the bite.

What are the symptoms of a tick bite disease?

The signs and symptoms of a Tick Bite related disease include:

  • Rash most often near the bite
  • Usually fever and body aches (joint pain)
  • Often headache
  • Sometimes nausea and vomiting

What can I do to get treated for prevention of Tick Bite Disease?

You can be seen remotely or by telemedicine when you’ve had a recent tick bite within 72 hours or less than 3 days of tick removal.  This would be before you have developed symptoms of a tick bite disease. Also, you have confirmation that you had a tick bite. This is when the tick was found attached and not just found walking on your skin.

Should I remove a tick?

Doctors agree that there is no reason not to remove a tick (no contraindications). Telemedicine is a great place to get started on treating your tick bite and that starts with knowing how to remove your tick. Quite often uploading photos of high quality can help the Doctor treat you by telemedicine. There are good reasons to identify the type of tick (species) and the place where the tick came from (geography) since some ticks from different locations carry certain diseases.  Treatment with antibiotic (prophylaxis) is recommended is some cases.



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