What can I do for Eye Stye?

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What you need to know about your Eye Stye

Eye Stye also known as Hordeolum and is caused by an infection of a eye lash glands (follicle). It is a painful infection of the upper eye lid (sometimes lower lid). There is a pus filled pimple (pustule) with redness of the eyelid along the margin which is very tender to touch. The age affected is slightly more common in adults ages 30 to 50 but can occur at any age.

What are the symptoms of Eye Stye?

Typically there is a painful swollen, localized (discrete area) of the eyelid that is tender to palpation. It can be upper or lower lid on the inside or outside. Usually there is burning, tender swelling confined to one eyelid. It may start as generalized edema and erythema of the lid that later becomes localized. Pus (exudate) may be present. No diagnostic tests are required or useful in their diagnosis. The eye vision should be normal or similar to before the stye developed but might be affected to some degree by the swelling of eyelid. Generally, there should not be double vision, loss of vision or dimming of vision.

How did I get an Eye Stye?

Stye is an infection of the eyelid margin or eyelash follicle and more than 90% of cases are due to bacteria. Frequently the stye is recurrent and patients have a history of similar prior lesions of the eyelid.

How can I get well fast?

A good home remedy is to apply a warm compresses (washcloth) for 15 minutes every 4 hours and washing the affected eyelid with a gentle soap such as baby shampoo at least twice daily. You can to be treated based on you signs and symptoms by telemedicine for this condition in most cases. It is helpful to know if your symptoms that feel like a stye, really are. Snap a photo to upload and usually you can be treated based on you signs and symptoms, after you answer a few questions.



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