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Are you ready to be seen with Telehealth services? Use Patient 360’s web based intern (Ask The Intern) to check for symptoms and find out if Patient 360 Telehealth is right for you!

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About Patient 360’s Telehealth Services

Patient360 uses a texting platform to communicate OhMD and Athenahealth electronic medical record. The primary way of communication will be by texting on this platform. You will be asked a series of questions to determine if you symptoms are likely related to a medical condition that can be treated remotely by telehealth. Please see the questions in “ASK THE INTERN” to assist in this discussion.

Providing a Professional & Honest Approach to Telehealth Care


Experienced Doctors

Our doctors are board-certified and experienced in common medical conditions including routine ambulatory and urgent care conditions.

Same Day Appointments

After we review the answers you give regarding your medical condition, an appointment will be offered.

No Hidden Fees

Prices are reasonable and depend on the services rendered. Most conditions like those listed are able to be addressed in a 15 or 30-minute appointment.


Easy Telehealth

We offer you Ask the Intern so that you may review some common medical problems that can be appropriate for telemedicine visit. utilizes text messaging for most telehealth related visits powered by OhMD.


Professional & Friendly

After you have had a chance to "Ask the Intern" the common questions about your condition, we will offer you an appointment. During this appointment our Doctors will review and confirm you answers in a professional manner. The Doctor will use professionalism and courtesy in helping make a medical decision about how best to treat you.



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We welcome you to visit Ask The Intern to begin your telehealth visit with us. If you're a returning patient, please return to your patient portal for access.

Meet Dr. Callahan, DO

Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician (ACOFP)

Army National Guard Colonel (retired), Medical CORPS

Dr. Callahan received his medical degree from the Kansas City University – College of Osteopathic Medicine. His postgraduate education was at Lakeside Hospital in Kansas City. He was in private rural practice for over one decade and maintained clinical faculty standing at KCU in the family medicine department. During this tenure he completed a two-year faculty research fellowship at KCU.

Dr. Callahan served 30 years in the Army National Guard achieving rank of Colonel and was appointed to the position of State Surgeon for Kansas and later as Special Assistant to Northern Command/NORAD in Colorado Springs for 3 years. He is a graduate of The United States Army War College. Dr. Callahan is actively involved in many military medical related organizations for which he was given the Order of Military Medical Merit. He served three tours in Iraq and deployed to state disaster responses including New Orleans during Katrina and Rita Hurricane.

Dr. Callahan left private practice after 9/11 and joined the Federal Civil Service as a primary care physician at Fort Riley, in Kansas and later in the VA Medical Center in Topeka. His civil service culminated into the position of Service Chief for the Montana VA. He has many years of experience with Military and VA Medical Disability Boards, Compensation and Pension examinations, including the use of the disability benefits questionnaire. After retiring from military service, he worked for several years as a Medical Director for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Dr. Callahan gained telemedicine experience while in rural practice, in the military and since the COVID Pandemic. The vast increased use of telemedicine in primary care has inspired the concept of to empower patients with information about medical conditions that will be useful to their telemedicine experience.

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