Frequently Asked Questions

With everchanging technology, policies, and practices in the Telehealth field, we understand you may have some questions. Please review the below FAQ section for some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to Telehealth.


Should I call the Pharmacy before going to pick up my prescription?

Yes, it is a good idea to allow the pharmacy 1-2 hours to get the prescription ready and if you have not heard from them, then call them to see if it is ready. If it is near closing time then try to call 1 hour before closing to check on you prescription. Generally, prescriptions will be phoned into the pharmacy and left on the voice mail.

How do I get a copy of my telehealth visit?

You can obtain a visit summary at the end of each visit. You may also login to your medical record through the Athenahealth patient portal.

Will this be a video, phone (audio), or texting telehealth appointment?

Each state has requirements that vary to some degree and determine if the visit has to be by video (Audio-visual) or if it allowed by phone (audio) only. MOST VISITS can be completed by answering a few questions by phone and the visit can be enhanced with photos that you can be uploaded on the site.

What is the process for New Patients?

If this is your first time using Patient360 for a telehealth visit, then you will need to register as a patient. State laws about the practice of medicine require that you become an "established patient" before you are treated by a remote method such as text, phone, video. This is a good standard of practice and we encourage you to take a few extra minutes to become established. Once you are established as a patient, this will not have to be repeated but may need updated periodically. Becoming established will entail a few extra minutes to do a more complete medical history and document it securely in your own medical record through our partnership with Athenahealth. Your medical record can accessed through the Athenahealth patient portal. Here at Patient360, we believe this is a best practice and hope you will appreciate this is a safer way to complete your visit.


What medical conditions can be treated?

It is recommended that you ask the intern about your condition. (Add link to "Ask the Intern") However, if you are searching for a doctor visit for a follow up of your condition then you do not have go through this step. Just click the "Request a Visit".

Can I talk with a doctor for medical conditions not listed?

Yes, you can request a doctor visit for conditions not listed by clicking the "Request a Visit".

What kind of visits will be declined?

The visit might be declined for any reason such as abusive behavior or other reasons that might lead to a poor physician-patient relationship. Requests for visits to prescribe controlled substances will be declined.  Controlled substances like pain medication and anxiety medications are not allowed to be prescribed by telemedicine. The prescribing laws in each state may vary on other substance such as muscle relaxers. Visits for fertility medications will be declined. 

Is my payment refundable?

Payment is generally not refundable; however, if there is a technical problem with the visit or if there is another valid reason to cancel the visit then the visit may be postponed until it can be completed at a later date or time. This may be at no additional charge. These types of decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Who is Athenahealth and OhMD?

Patient360 has a partnership with Athenahealth to maintain a secure medical record of your medical care received on this platform. You will be able to login to Athenahealth through the patient portal and may find this availability useful for return visits. It can be accessed through the Patient Login at the top of the banner.

OhMD is also a partner of Patient360 to provide secure texting platform, which it main means of communication for your medical discussion. You can get an idea about what kind of questions to anticipate texting (chatting) about for each of the conditions and symptoms described in "Ask the Intern". At Patient360, we have found texting (Chatting) to be a safe, secure and accurate way of communicating and documenting the telehealth visit. We use the OhMD platform for this purpose.

Can two problems be treated during the same visit?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis it might be possible to treat two problems during one visit. This type of visit should be requested up front and agreed to by both parties. Generally, this type of visit is a longer visit and charged at a higher rate. This can be based on the amount of time spent or the number of conditions treated. An example of this is requesting refills for multiple medications during a visit for sore throat. Another visit might need to be scheduled for the refills, in this example.

What should I do if I'm a returning patient?

As a previously registered patient, you may use the patient login at the top of the banner OR you can check you symptoms first. Returning patients are already registered in Athenahealth and have quicker access to the medical record and appointment scheduling.


Can two people be treated during the same visit?

No, only one person can be treated during the visit.

When will I be charged for the visit?

Payment is expected at the time of service. If you "Ask the Intern" there is no charge until you submit your questionnaire for review. After submitting the questionnaire you will be given an appointment date/time for the doctor's visit. You can submit payment at the time the appointment is made.

Can I email my information to you?

HIPPA Compliance It is not HIPAA compliant to send any private health information (PHI) through unencrypted email as it potentially leaves your information at risk. We can still send this to your email, however we will need you to acknowledge and accept this risk here in the chat in regards to your PHI. Once we have that, our team will make sure we get this documentation over to you within 24 hours

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Our doctors are board-certified and experienced in common medical conditions including routine ambulatory and urgent care conditions.

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After we review the answers you give regarding your medical condition, an appointment will be offered.

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Prices are reasonable and depend on the services rendered. Most conditions like those listed are able to be addressed in a 15 or 30-minute appointment.


Easy Telehealth

We offer you Ask the Intern so that you may review some common medical problems that can be appropriate for telemedicine visit. utilizes text messaging for most telehealth related visits powered by OhMD.


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After you have had a chance to "Ask the Intern" the common questions about your condition, we will offer you an appointment. During this appointment our Doctors will review and confirm you answers in a professional manner. The Doctor will use professionalism and courtesy in helping make a medical decision about how best to treat you.



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